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1. ONLY make icons of any of the Phoenix Wright games in this community. Nothing else is allowed.
2. No fanart/doujinshi is allowed.
3. You may submit up to 1 icon at a time. However, if there are two separate themes one week, you may submit up to 2, one per theme.
4. Absolutely no advertising or otherwise posting your icon anywhere until after the voting for that week is over.
5. If we find out you are stealing icons, you will be kicked from the community, and other icontest communities you're in will be informed.
6. You must be a member to participate and vote, and otherwise do anything in this community.

Well, that's pretty much it. Very simple rules to follow, no?
1. Your icons must be compatible with LiveJournal standards. Anything above 40k or above 100x100 pixels won't be allowed.
2. Upload your icon to either Photobucket, Tinypic, or any other image-hosting websites.
3. Do not vote for yourself and/or your friends icon just because he/she's your friend. Vote fairly, please.
4. Submission ends at 9PM, EST on Friday.
5. Icons MUST be submitted like this:

Character(s): Ema Skye
URL: http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/913/gyakutenwrightawardshe6.png
At 10PM, EST on Friday evening, the voting phase starts. Voting lasts until 6PM, EST on Sunday. Results will be posted around this time, followed by a new theme.

When voting, you must vote for four separate icons. Vote however you want, but you must pick at least four.

First: 44
Second: 23
Third: 27
Special Category: 32


44, 23, 27, 32.

The Special Category is a side category of sorts. Voting on it is required, however. So don't leave it out when voting. The Special Category is based around themes to vote for. Which means, pick the icon you think best represents the theme. The themes (not in order) are as follows:

Most Creative: The icon that looks the most unique out of the bunch. Such as the best cropping, or which generally stands out the most.
Best Adaptation: The icon that shows to have followed the theme the best of the bunch. Self explanatory.
Best Caption: Pick the icon you think has the best phrase of the bunch. It could be what catches your attention the most, it if uses the best phrase out of lyrics provided, ect.
Best Color: Pick the icon you think stands out from the rest in terms of color. It doesn't HAVE to be most colorful. You could pick what icon you think the colors blend, if it's monochrome, if the colors are softest.
Best Typography: Pick the icon you think has the best looking text. Such as, best text placement, if used as a decoration, the nicest looking font, ect. Use your imagination.
There will also be a moderator's choice category which only I or any of the moderators will vote on.
Moderators: urbanism & kuze101
Banner Makers: urbanism, kuze101, & malionette

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The community banner was created by urbanism, and features Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright 1. It was created using Photoshop CS2, anf features light effects by 77words. The layout was created by refuted, and modified by urbanism. The example icon was made by kanrinin.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide